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RE3 Urban Fossil Large Purse

Recycled Tire Tube Handbags – By Aria Handmade

Understanding that vulcanized rubber tires and tire tubes do not breakdown over time, designers around the World have come up with unique methods to use these imperishable products into creative, useful by-products.  One of the most common by-products is recycling rubber tires and tire tubes into “crumbs” or mulch, which are used on playgrounds and athletic fields around the World to make them softer and safer.

Fashion designers have now begun using recycled tire tubes in clothing products, jewelry, and just about anything else you can imagine. At Aria Handmade we have been busy designing a line of accessories that incorporate recycled tire tubes into eco-friendly and fashion forward designs.

Our just released Urban Fossil Collection not only uses recycled tire tubes but also reclaimed leather. Blending these two elements together culminate into stylish affordable eco-friendly designs that stay true to our commitment of promoting sustainable, eco-friendly accessories that are aesthetically beautiful and functional to use.

Purchasing a recycled tire tube handbag or a recycled tire tube purse/wallet from our Urban Fossil Collection not only demonstrates your fashion forward vision but your passion for promoting environmentally sustainable fashionable designs.

Facts about rubber tire tubes:

  •          299 million tires were generated in the U.S. in 2005.
  •          $7.7 billion worth of rubber tires and tubes were imported into the United States last year (2005), only $2.8 billion worth were exported.
  •          In 2007, about 594.0 thousand tons of scrap tires were landfilled in the United States.
  •          In 2007, 89.3% of scrap tires were consumed in end-use markets which was more than ever before!
  •          57% of the tire tubes were used as fuel to burn industrial furnaces.
  •          16% were used for civil engineering and construction purposes.
  •          12% used for ground-rubber applications including playground and sport surfacing and rubber-modified asphalt.
  •          14% still end up in landfills!

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